Donor Testing

Donor Testing Solutions

We share the vital mission of donor testing centers and labs – to enable reliable and timely access to safe blood products for patients every day.
We share the vital mission of donor testing centers and labs – to enable reliable and timely access to safe blood products for patients every day.

Donor Testing Solutions

Blood donor centers balance a highly regulated environment with the persistent expectation to do more with fewer resources from driving operational efficiency to managing skilled labor shortages. Our comprehensive donor testing solutions help labs overcome these challenges while maintaining the highest level of safety standards. Because Every Test Is A Life

Ensuring the supply of safe blood products is critical so that blood transfusions can help save lives

For over 80 years, blood bankers have trusted us to ensure the safety of their patients’ transfusions.


Every 2 seconds someone needs blood


118.5 million total global blood donations/year


3 lives can potenitally be saved with each blood donation

1 in 7

1 in 7 hospital patients needs blood

Reliable solutions so you can focus on what matters most

Our comprehensive donor testing solutions and services work together to remove the obstacles that hamper your productivity so you can focus on the lifesaving work you do every day and so patients can have access to safe blood products when they need them.

Confidence in accurate results

Rely on our legacy of market-leading quality to deliver consistent, accurate results combined with safety checks and automation to minimize manual errors.

  • Minimize false positives while using small sample volumes with assays that are highly sensitive and specific
  • Integrate all your instruments within the lab or across multiple sites using workflow tools that can standardize processes, compliance and consistency of results

Dependable uptime

Our systems deliver consistent, dependable uptime so you can support your community with continued access to a safe blood products supply.

  • Fully automate blood typing tests without compromising throughput
  • Predictive intelligence powered by e-connected dashboard results in proactive intervention

Workflow efficiency

Our solutions work with you to control your complex lab operations and optimize your resources with reduced hands-on time and simplified skill requirements.

  • Optimize skilled labor with more than 95% of tests automatically graded, interpreted and accepted, without manual intervention
  • Business intelligence solutions streamline manual tasks, consolidate reporting and ensure consistent protocols throughout the lab and across the network

Ortho Care® Services and Informatics

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Intel – Insights to help you make decisions with confidence

Ops – Tools to enable your lab to run at peak performance

Teams – The people behind your success

Comprehensive care


Service & support

Imagine going from clutter to clarity and having seamless control of your lab. Our Ortho Care Services and Informatics can lead the way.


Informatics solutions

Is it time to change the way you see your lab? Simplifying data can unburden you from the disruptions, complexities and distractions that pull your focus away from patient care. See how network insights, open connectivity and quality management can drive the change your lab needs.