Immunoassay Testing Solutions

Labs count on our comprehensive immunoassay menu and donor testing systems to ensure access to a safe blood products supply so patients can receive lifesaving transfusions.
Labs count on our comprehensive immunoassay menu and donor testing systems to ensure access to a safe blood products supply so patients can receive lifesaving transfusions.

VITROS® Solutions

Labs today face a daunting number of challenges- staff shortages, increased volume, greater productivity demands and operational challenges like challenges with availability of high quality reagent grade water etc. Now, labs can operate with confidence knowing that they have a quality, versatile, highly connected lab ecosystem with the highest level of efficiency in our waterless VITROS Solutions. From immunoassay systems to integrated systems, predictive data and unparalleled service, we are committed to providing flexible and scalable solutions across a range of customer requirements. Innovating tomorrow’s success for labs remains central to our promise. Because Every Test Is A Life


VITROS® 3600 Immunodiagnostic System

Infectious disease immunoassay testing

Infectious disease assays

Product availability is subject to local regulatory approval.

  • Anti-HBC
  • Anti-HCV
  • HBsAg ES
  • Anti-HTLV-I/II
  • HIV combo
  • Anti T.cruzi
  • CMV IgG
  • Syphilis TPA

Our immunoassay testing solutions advantage

Streamline workflow

VITROS analyzers require fewer people to manage tubes and minimal maintenance, and include intervention and integrated reagent packs that do not require reagent preparation time.

Rely on accurate results

With consistently accurate results, you can provide a higher level of care to patients.

Meet compliance requirements

INTELLICHECK® Technology ensures you’re following standard operating procedures and regulations.

Increase capacity

A comprehensive donor screening infectious disease immunoassay panel is included in a broad assay menu of up to 120 assays.

Keep safety in check

With unique process control elements like MicroSensor Technology to detect and measure serum indices, disposable tips to prevent cross-contamination and SMART metering to avoid bubble clot errors, safety is built right in.

No Water Requirement

VITROS® Immuno Assay testing solutions requires no water unlike other systems in the market. Varying water quality causes disruptions in quality consistency which is not a challenge in VITROS® solutions, thanks to its waterless technology.

Maximize uptime

E-CONNECTIVITY® Technology provides you with real-time access to information, reducing system interventions and allowing for proactive diagnosis and remote repair.

Solutions for all your infectious disease immunoassay testing

Every lab, big and small, faces unique challenges along with trying to keep up with an ever-changing diagnostics environment. See how our robust immunoassay solutions can help you maximize your lab’s efficiency and deliver results you can trust.

VITROS® Immunoassay Systems

Designed for low- to mid-volume labs, VITROS Immunoassay Systems feature proprietary technologies, automated random access testing, universal sample tray and a broad immunoassay testing menu. These systems help maximize your lab’s efficiency and deliver accurate results.




  • Automated, universal sample tray accommodates multiple tube types, collection containers, improves walkaway time and saves time and money on consumables

VITROS® Integrated Systems

For mid- to high-volume labs, our true, integrated systems are made possible by consolidation of chemistry and immunoassay testing in order to achieve a “one tube in, one tube out" workflow. 




  • Feature a broad assay menu (up to 120 assays) and has a 150 on-board reagent capacity
  • Streamline processes with a fast turnaround time, 98% guaranteed uptime* and simple and infrequent calibration requirements.

Lab workflow management tools

Our advanced automation solutions, sophisticated data analytics and experienced ValuMetrix™ consultants can help you explore every available marginal gain and maximize your lab’s performance. As your priorities change over time, we can help you adapt your capabilities to accommodate whatever the future brings.


VITROS® Automated Solutions

Your lab is on a constant mission to improve quality — of your productivity, your processes and your results — while reducing costs, equipping your lab for future growth and meeting patients’ needs. In a constantly changing environment, flexibility is crucial. Our open, scalable and flexible VITROS® automated solutions will help you refocus on what matters most — improving patient care.