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We’ve made significant contributions to the laboratory space for more than 80 years. Our work has helped define the science of in vitro diagnostics.

We’ve made significant contributions to the laboratory space for more than 80 years. Our work has helped define the science of in vitro diagnostics.

Ortho Milestones


QuidelOrtho Corporation

QuidelOrtho Corporation (Nasdaq: QDEL) unites the power of Quidel Corporation and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics behind a shared mission of developing and manufacturing innovative technologies that raise the performance of diagnostic testing and create better patient outcomes across the entire healthcare continuum.


Ortho Goes Public

Ortho began trading on the Nasdaq Global Select Market on January 28, 2021, under the symbol OCDX.


Ortho Launches VITROS® COVID-19 Testing Solutions

Ortho launched the first high-volume antibody and antigen tests authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These COVID-19 solutions for mass-scale testing include two COVID-19 antibody tests – Total and IgG – both of which have FDA emergency use authorization and CE Marks, and an antigen test. See our COVID-19 innovation timeline [Download infographic]


VITROS® XT Chemistry System Product Slides

Multi-test technology allows labs to run two frequently ordered tests simultaneously on one slide.


HIV Combo Test

Ortho receives the CE Mark approval for its Immunodiagnostic HIV Combo Test, making it commercially available in countries that accept the CE Mark.


ORTHO VISION® Analyzer Available in the U.S.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics receives 510(k) clearance making it commercially available in the U.S.  The ORTHO VISION Analyzer automates the full range of immunohematology testing and helps improve the safety of blood transfusions by reducing the lab’s reliance on manual methods.


Ortho launches the first FDA-licensed test to screen blood donations for exposure to Chagas’ disease


Ortho Products introduces the first test for the detection of antibodies to hepatitis C


Ortho Products introduces patented thin-film dry slide technology

Revolutionizing the field of diagnostics by providing clinical professionals with the means to receive high-quality results quickly, cleanly and economically.


Dr. Philip Levine, a pioneer in hematology, joins Ortho Products

Dr. Levine continues his breakthrough research into the mechanics of the Rh system in human blood. His research leads to the development of Rh immune globulin to protect Rh-negative women against isoimmunization, saving the lives of thousands of babies. 

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