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VITROS® 3600 Immunodiagnostic System

With a comprehensive testing menu covering all major disease states, the VITROS 3600 immunoassay analyzer delivers fast, accurate testing.



With a comprehensive testing menu covering all major disease states, the VITROS 3600 immunoassay analyzer delivers fast, accurate testing.


The menu breadth and performance to power your lab

Meet the growing demand with fast, accurate, reliable results

Labs are constantly being asked to efficiently meet an ever-increasing demand for testing. We understand these day-to-day challenges. The VITROS 3600 System was designed to deliver results with speed and accuracy. Equipped with proprietary enabling technologies, it is built with a commitment to quality and reliability that can only come from 80 years of constant innovation and improvement.

Equip your lab with the performance to deliver

Exceptional output

Helps your lab to comfortably absorb peak workloads with maximized turnaround time, a throughput of 189 immunoassay tests per hour and excellent system walkaway times.

Save time

Expect greater time savings with a first-pass yield of 96.5%, so you can get the right result the first time with less time spent on tech and analyzer repeats.

Flex your lab space

Because VITROS® Systems do not rely on water, you have greater flexibility to plan your lab layout.

Maximize uptime

Seamless E-CONNECTIVITY® Technology minimizes the impact of unscheduled maintenance and provides predictive data intelligence to keep you informed.

VITROS 3600 Assay Menu


Disease States


  • *MicroTip Partnership Assay (MPA); Reagents and validated applications available directly from Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
  • D = In development/currently not available
  • § For Criminal Justice and Forensic use only

Leading-edge technology that drives results


Enhanced chemiluminescence detection technology enables wide dynamic ranges and improves light signal output. Delivers excellent immunoassay sensitivity and precision with fewer unnecessary dilutions, repeats and redraws.


Automatically detects endogenous interferences and identifies sample quality concerns without the need for additional reagents and with no impact on throughput, protecting patients and providing confidence in results with less intervention.


Delivers real-time process monitoring, including sample indices, with fully documented traceability to protect result integrity and minimize workflow disruptions. Provides smooth, effortless and transparent reporting of diagnostic checks throughout sample and assay processing.

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