With increasing compliance requirements and limited resources around the world, there’s a growing need for labs of all sizes to implement automation processes that increase efficiency, improve accuracy and reduce the need for double checks or sign-offs. Tune in as we hear about the importance of automation in our evolving health care industry.

About our Speaker:


Aaron Hurst, MLT(ASCP)

Laboratory Supervisor of Quality Systems

Newton Medical Center

Aaron W. Hurst MLT(ASCP) is the Laboratory Supervisor of Quality Systems of the Newton Medical Center in Kansas. His responsibilities include supervisory roles as the second shift supervisor, blood bank supervisor, and chemistry laboratory supervisor. He still retains these last 2 responsibilities along with the quality systems management role. Aaron has devoted his medical technologist career to help evolve the Newton Hospital laboratory with activities focused on improved efficiency, applied lean management, and enhanced patient safety. Aaron has been a contributor speaker in National and International forums. He has been recognized by the American Red Cross, Wichita, for “maximizing efficiencies.” and recently by the Medical Laboratory Observer for Automation in Action in the blood bank.

What you will learn:

  • What are the main drivers to implement automation for pre-transfusion in the lab
  •  What are the key learnings to migrate to automation in the TM Lab
  •  What are the critical tests within the TM lab that can be automated to provide greater confidence in patient results
  •  How automation can impact positively in achieving lab goals