Infectious Disease

Accuracy and speed are critical to helping labs deliver fast, reliable detection of infectious diseases in order to support the best outcomes for patients.

Accuracy and speed are critical to helping labs deliver fast, reliable detection of infectious diseases in order to support the best outcomes for patients.

Equip your lab to deliver accurate results at any scale

Infectious diseases are among the leading causes of death globally, disproportionally affecting developing countries. As a leading global leader of in vitro diagnostics, we understand the importance of providing solutions that focus on the most critical diseases that impact public health. Our infectious disease immunoassay solutions provide high sensitivity and uncompromised specificity while delivering precise results to inform decisions on patient care.

Our high-throughput infectious disease solutions give your lab the power to help stop the spread of preventable diseases through screening and early detection.

VITROS® COVID-19 Testing Solutions

Powering your lab’s fight against COVID-19

From virus detection to immune response, our VITROS COVID-19 Testing Solutions provide comprehensive, trusted testing solutions for COVID-19 infection and antibody testing. Our lab-based antigen test provides health care systems and communities more capacity to quickly and accurately diagnose individuals with an active SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Now, labs and health care teams can monitor quantitative antibody data to better understand how the virus is impacting patients over time to identify trends within their communities.


Innovation on demand – When the world needed COVID tests, we answered the call with our high-throughput COVID-19 antibody test in just 19 days. We were among the first in the world to receive U.S. FDA EUA.

HIV Testing Solutions

Fast, early detection helps improve patient outcomes 

HIV screening and detection play a critical role in prevention. Our VITROS® HIV Combo test delivers early detection of acute HIV-1 infection with class-leading fourth-generation tests. Seroconversion panels data reveals that the VITROS HIV Combo test outperforms other fourth-generation tests by identifying the virus earlier. 

The VITROS HIV Combo test helps the laboratory incorporate critical ID diagnostics without impacting laboratory quality and efficiency. The test is enhanced by the proprietary technologies only available on the VITROS Systems:


Automatically detects endogenous interferences and identifies sample quality concerns without the need for additional reagents and with no impact to throughput, protecting patients and confidence in results with less intervention.


Delivers real-time process monitoring, including sample indices, with fully documented traceability to protect result integrity and minimize workflow disruptions. Provides smooth, effortless and transparent reporting of diagnostic checks throughout sample and assay processing.

VersaTip Technology

Removes the risk of reagent cross-contamination without any mixers or risk of carryover.