We empower labs of every size to succeed in a changing diagnostics environment with a holistic, integrated solution that meets the needs of today and the future.
We empower labs of every size to succeed in a changing diagnostics environment with a holistic, integrated solution that meets the needs of today and the future.

Blood bank automation solutions for today and the future

Labs face plenty of challenges today, from staff shortages to increased demand. It’s time for an integrated solution designed to help overcome today’s challenges while preparing for future growth demands. Our immunohematology solutions are designed to give labs the tools they need to confidently deliver efficient and reliable results so that patients can get the transfusions they need. With more than 80 years of trusted partnership with blood bankers and over 3,500 placements, every second a patient is safely transfused due to our pretransfusion testing. Because Every Test Is A LifeTM

Overcome today’s challenges and prepare for the future 

When you partner with Ortho, reliable results are just the beginning. You also get the business tools, operational insights, knowledge and partnership you need to improve your lab’s efficiency, feel confident about your results and the service and support that has your back with a track record of proven reliability that you can depend on. 

Increased efficiency

Spend your efforts focusing on what matters

  • Meet demand with 95% tests in less than 39 minutes* 
  • Enable high-value employees to focus their efforts when you automate 99% of your testing needs, including dilution series testing and extended phenotyping* 
  • Reduce the chances of human error with over 95% of tests automatically graded, interpreted and accepted
  • Simplify inventory management with online ordering tools and customized standing orders

*Data on File. REF-0338.6-30-20

Trusted results

Have confidence in high-quality, consistent results, systems and support 

  • Eliminate manual steps and help reduce errors with automated solutions
  • Continuously monitor quality with standardized protocols, processes and security checks 
  • 99.9% concordance between automated and semi-automated platforms 
  • Protect patient data with Blackberry® Protect advanced artificial intelligence threat protection
Proven reliability

Rely on our dedicated partnership and support for proven performance

  • E-CONNECTIVITY® Technology delivers immediate access to 24/7 support for increased uptime
  • Every minute counts — save valuable time with fast boot-up time and antivirus scanning 
  • Seamless flow of information across your lab and network

The right partner is key

Running a lab is stressful, especially with today’s ever-increasing challenges. Our reliable technology solutions are only part of our story. We believe in a truly holistic solution that takes a customer-centric approach to everything we do. 

Our Ortho Care® Service and Support provides:

  • Service and support ranked #1 by ServiceTrak for six consecutive years
  • Data insights to inform and transform health care
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Staff training and continuing education

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