Immunohematology instrument solutions

Every lab, large or small, faces the challenges of a changing diagnostics environment. Yet the right solution for every lab is not the same. Let’s find the right solution for your needs.
Every lab, large or small, faces the challenges of a changing diagnostics environment. Yet the right solution for every lab is not the same. Let’s find the right solution for your needs.

Transfusion medicine technology

Efficient workflows. Reliable, consistent results you can trust. Scalable solutions. We understand the challenges labs face today.


For over 80 years, blood bankers have trusted us to ensure the safety of their patient’s transfusions. Because Every Test Is A Life™

Marketplace challenges


growth in aging population compared to typical 1%  


of existing lab workforce is within 5 years of retirement


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The power of partnering with Ortho

When you partner with us, reliable results are just the beginning. You also get the business tools, operation insights, knowledge and partnership to improve your lab’s efficiency, feel confident about service and support that has your back. Trust in a track record of proven reliability you can depend on. 

Improved workflow

Improve your lab’s overall workflow by allocating skilled employees to tasks that require their expertise, while Ortho handles the rest.

Get quick results

Minimize your patients’ wait times by getting 97% of test results in under 40 minutes.

Reduce errors

Eliminate manual steps and reduce errors with automated solutions, standardized protocols and continuous quality monitoring.

Protect patient data

Stop cyberattacks before they happen with advanced artificial intelligence threat protection.

Plan for the future

Choose a platform with the flexibility to move from semi-automation to full automation with 99.9% concordance between platforms.

Proven reliability

Combine technology and service excellence to increase uptime and reliability.

Automated testing solutions

When efficiency, standardization and accuracy are critical to your lab’s operations, then an automated testing platform that delivers full menu automation in real lab conditions can be the right solution. Tests that were once performed manually — adding not only labor time but also risk of human error — can now be fully automated. So, you can be fully confident.

At the center of our automated solution is the ORTHO VISION® Swift Platform, an award-winning, industry-leading, automated pretransfusion testing system that automates over 99% of your blood bank’s workload without compromising turnaround time.

  • Without ORTHO VISION Swift, 46.6% of tests that are not automated make up 91.7% of your staff’s testing workload.

  • Types and Screens are typically 40%-50% of a lab’s test volume.

  • In an automated lab, Types and Screens represent less than 10% of workload.

Semi-automated testing solutions

Precision and accuracy are critical to labs of every size. Our comprehensive portfolio of semi-automated solutions is designed to help you control your operations, optimize your resources and trust your results — regardless of the size or volume of your testing needs.

  • Get the same high-quality results of an automated solution: Scalable solutions for your lab designed with the same Ortho technology, so they all deliver the same confidence in results, regardless of which instrument is used

  • Standardize your processes to consistently deliver excellence: Consistent performance and compliance help standardize processes across shifts with enhanced data traceability and reporting capabilities, QC management and the ability to track assays and reagents

  • Drive efficiency and streamline your workflow: Centralize your results and streamline your lab’s workflow to help eliminate the need for manual documentation and reduce transcription errors

Lab workflow management tools

Labs today need complete control and one connection. Now you can centralize and streamline lab operations and take productivity to the next level with a central solution for result management, QC tracking, process standardization and a plan for consolidating and integrating new labs, all while enhancing data security and storage. ORTHO CONNECT® Software is the answer.