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Supporting around 90% of typical lab testing and 99% of testing volume*, we continue to invest, innovate and challenge convention to provide your lab with fast, dependable test results.

*PR-03875 VITROS® XT Systems

Supporting around 90% of typical lab testing and 99% of testing volume*, we continue to invest, innovate and challenge convention to provide your lab with fast, dependable test results.

*PR-03875 VITROS® XT Systems

Fast, reliable results so clinicians can make treatment decisions with confidence

Labs count on us to deliver consistently fast, accurate and reliable results that expedite treatment decisions and improve patient care. Today, our broad and aggressively growing testing menu can support 90% of typical lab menu needs and 99% of testing volume.* As labs look for ways to meet the challenges of ever-increasing demands, we continue to invest in new technology and innovate to expand our testing solutions and increase menu offerings. 

*PR-03875 VITROS XT Systems



We’ve delivered five COVID-19 tests with EUAs since April 2020

Proprietary enabling technologies enhance efficiency and precision


Proprietary dry chemistry testing technology that ensures accuracy and precision due to its interference filtering Spread Layer design and optimized processing steps using a multi-layer design. Its stable, dry format enables a long performance and calibration stability.

XT MicroSlide

Evolving the VITROS® MicroSlide technology by placing two tests on one slide, 12 of the most common tests can be carried out on just six VITROS® XT MicroSlides, doubling the testing output. Powered by DIGITAL CHEMISTRY™ Optics Technology, it saves time and space in the lab, and increases productivity with less patient sample required for testing.


Closed sampling reagent packs and single-use disposable tips and cuvettes eliminate risk of sample carryover and reagent-to-reagent contamination. No probe nor cuvette washing needed with waterless VITROS® Systems. Up to 20 open channel user-defined assays are available.


Enhanced chemiluminescence detection technology delivers wide dynamic range and excellent immunoassay sensitivity and precision with fewer unnecessary dilutions, repeats and redraws.


Automatically detects endogenous interferences and identifies sample quality concerns without the need for additional reagents and with no impact to throughput, protecting patients and confidence in results with less intervention.


Delivers real-time process monitoring, including sample indices, with fully documented traceability to protect result integrity and minimize workflow disruptions. Provides smooth, effortless and transparent reporting of diagnostic checks throughout sample and assay processing.

Clinical Chemistry

Accurate, fast results to meet the majority of clinical decisions impacted by laboratory results.

Effective treatment decisions depend on the rapid availability of reliable, high-quality results. To support your lab, our innovative VITROS Technologies and broad, on-board menu with up to 150 reagent positions deliver accurate results requiring fewer human interventions.


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Infectious Disease

When every minute counts, we help you deliver accurate results fast.

When individuals and communities face the impact of rapid infection spread, you cannot afford to compromise on either accuracy or speed. Our broad suite of infectious disease immunoassay solutions provides tests with high sensitivity and uncompromised specificity.

Acute Care

In the unforgiving environment of acute care where treatment decisions cannot wait, your lab must consistently deliver fast and accurate results for its patients.


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QC Solutions

Take control of your quality control (QC). Your lab’s QC procedures are what allow you to focus on what matters – delivering high-quality results for clinicians and their patients. We’ve partnered with Thermo Fisher Scientific to offer you an improved quality control solution that will help make your lab more efficient and your results more reliable.


MicroTip Partnership Assays

We have harnessed the power of collaboration to deliver third-party assays for high-value, esoteric testing validated for use on MicroTip-capable VITROS Systems. By consolidating our strengths with those of our partners, we can provide a broad range of options to ultimately meet more patient needs. Because Every Test Is A Life


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