Donor Screening

Donor Screening Solutions

We share the vital mission of donor screening centers and labs – to enable reliable and timely access to safe blood products for patients every day.
We share the vital mission of donor screening centers and labs – to enable reliable and timely access to safe blood products for patients every day.

Donor Screening

Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood.1

People of all ages and backgrounds: accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients, those battling cancer or living with sickle cell disease, rely on a safe and readily available blood and plasma supply. The impact of blood donation is immense. One donation can potentially save three lives– and each year 4.5 million lives are saved by blood transfusions.1

The United States supplies 70% of the world’s plasma.2

Plasma is essential in treating both common and rare infirmities from cancer to trauma and burn victims, to hemophilia, and immune disorders.  The therapies made possible by plasma proteins save lives every day and are essential to improving the lives of hundreds of thousand people suffering from immune deficiency and hemophilia.  It takes 1,200 plasma donations to treat one hemophilia patient, and 130 plasma donations to treat one patient with a primary immune deficiency.

Deliver safe, reliable blood while facing today’s challenges

Blood donor and plasma centers balance a highly regulated environment with the persistent expectation to do more with fewer resources, from driving operational efficiency to managing skilled labor shortages. Our comprehensive donor screening solutions help labs overcome these challenges while maintaining the highest level of safety standards. Because Every Test Is A Life™.

The Ortho Summit™ System responds to the unique challenges of your lab to help you deliverthe very best to your customers:

  • Responsive automation
  • Dynamic workflow management
  • Secure process monitoring

Reliable solutions so you can focus on what matters most

Our comprehensive donor screening solutions and services work together to remove the obstacles that hamper your productivity so you can focus on the lifesaving work you do every day and patients can have access to safe blood products when they need them.

Confidence in accurate results

Rely on our legacy of market-leading quality to deliver consistent, accurate results combined with safety checks and automation to minimize manual errors.

Drive productivity with automated solutions

Increase the productivity of your lab with continuous processing capabilities, which allows for hours of operator walk-away time through automated scheduling, upfront loading capacity and the elimination of closing all systems for backup.

Enhance compliance and reduce errors with an automated platform

  • Maintain comprehensive process control, documentation, user verification and independent quality assurance checks when needed.
  • Optimize your skilled resources and reduce labor costs with efficient workflow.
  • Reduce user interaction with increased wash buffer, sample and reagent capacity – so you can allocate skilled employees to tasks that require their expertise, while Ortho handles the rest.

Ortho’s breadth of menu includes assays to detect the following diseases:

    • Anti-HCV
    • Anti-HBc
    • HBsAg
    • Anti-HTLV I/II
    • Anti-HIV1,2
    • Anti-T. cruzi

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    Ortho can help you improve operational efficiency without compromising quality. Our ValuMetrix® Consulting team will recommend the right mix of technology and optimization to help your organization meet the challenges of today’s growing demand.