Shaping the future of diabetes, together

We are shaping the future of diabetes care with innovative technology to empower clinicians to make better treatment decisions and improve the quality of life for diabetes patients of all ages.
We are shaping the future of diabetes care with innovative technology to empower clinicians to make better treatment decisions and improve the quality of life for diabetes patients of all ages.

Boost your lab’s productivity and efficiency with our VITROS® Diabetes Menu

Excellent accuracy

Traceable to standardized materials and good correlation with other commercial assays

Long on-analyzer stability

Optimizes reagent use and decreases waste

Long calibration stability

Decreases the number of calibration events

Single-use tips and tests

No cuvettes to wash, no probes to clean, no risk of sample nor reagent carry-over

Highly specific detection

Highly specific antibodies and chemistry detection methods

Minimal interferences

None-to-minimal cross-reactivity and minimal interferences

Innovative MicroSlide design

Our VITROS® MicroSlide Technology uses a dry multi-layer, integrated testing environment to optimize each processing step for excellent accuracy and precision.

  • Excellent performance stability
  • Application of sample activates the dry slide reagent
  • Unique spread layer traps endogenous interferents (HIT, drugs, paraproteins, etc.)
  • Small sample sizes ideal for precious, hard-to-draw patients (2.7 -11.0 µL)


VITROS® Immunodiagnostic Products Insulin Reagent

The VITROS Insulin assay has excellent performance to help clinicians understand the cause of a patient’s hypoglycemia or differentiate between type I and type II diabetes. Measuring insulin levels can evaluate the production and resistance.

The VITROS Insulin assay antibody is highly specific for insulin detection, with no cross-reactivity to C-peptide or Proinsulin.* Importantly it has insignificant or no cross-reactivity to insulin analogs commonly used in diabetes treatment.
*Ding, Qian. Performance Comparison of VITROS Immunodiagnostic Products Insulin Assay. Ortho Clinical Diagnostics PR-03149. 2017


VITROS® Immunodiagnostics C-Peptide Assay

C-peptide testing provides a reliable assessment of beta-cell function and aids in differentiating Type I, Type II diabetes and MODY. Differentiating the diabetes type at clinical presentation is challenging and treatment decisions can improve with clear answers.

The VITROS C-Peptide assay uses an antibody highly specific for C-Peptide detection with no significant cross-reactivities to insulin, proinsulin, glucagon, calcitonin or somatostatin.

Glycated Serum Protein Assay*

Glycemic monitoring for patients of all life stages

Health conditions that alter the red blood cell lifespan are not suitable candidates for traditional HbA1c testing methods. Monitoring glycated serum proteins (GSP) provides clinicians with a short-term glycemic view of two to three weeks that can be used with these conditions and can useful in monitoring the effects of changes in diabetes treatment.

The Glycated Serum Protein Assay uses an enzyme that is highly specific to glycated serum proteins. It does not have interference to reducing substances such as vitamins and bilirubins, unlike older colorimetric fructosamine assays.

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*MicroTip Partnership Assay. May not be available in all countries.


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