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Integrated Systems

Our Integrated Systems offer a full chemistry and immunoassay menu to meet a busy lab’s testing needs in a reliable, efficient and easy-to-use integrated platform.





Our Integrated Systems offer a full chemistry and immunoassay menu to meet a busy lab’s testing needs in a reliable, efficient and easy-to-use integrated platform.





Designed to deliver fast, accurate results

Clinicians and patients depend on fast, accurate results from your lab and our integrated systems are built to deliver with fast turnaround times. 

A truly integrated system made possible by automating sample processing that allows loading and processing of samples with no manual intervention from your team, for both chemistry and immunoassay tests. Calibration frequency is up to six months, meaning fewer distractions and more time to focus on what matters.

How VITROS® Integrated Systems help you do more with less


Prepare for the future

Be future-ready to accommodate an automation track when you’re ready to scale as your lab volume grows.


Save time

Expect greater time savings with a first-pass yield of 96.5%, so you can get the right result the first time with less time spent on tech and analyzer repeats.


Maximize uptime

Seamless E-CONNECTIVITY® Technology minimizes the impact of unscheduled maintenance and provides predictive data intelligence to keep you informed.


Free up your lab footprint

Waterless systems provide flexibility to your lab layout by removing the need for plumbing, drains and water system maintenance.


Step up productivity

A generous 150 on-board reagent capacity, less maintenance time and reduced time required for reagent prep and QC/calibration keep your lab productivity high.


Cover your menu needs

Our systems offer the flexibility of a broad chemistry and immunoassay menu with over 160 assays.

Enabling technologies to help you deliver more with less

Our Integrated Systems help drive your lab’s productivity using the following proprietary enabling technologies:


Proprietary dry chemistry testing technology that increases accuracy and precision due to its interference filtering layered design. Its stable, dry format enables a long shelf. 

XT MicroSlide

Evolving the VITROS MicroSlide technology by placing two tests on one slide, 12 of the most common tests can be carried out on just six VITROS XT MicroSlides, doubling the testing output. Powered by DIGITAL CHEMISTRY Optics Technology, it saves time and space in the lab and increases productivity with less patient sample required for testing.


Eliminates the risk of sample carryover and reagent-to-reagent contamination by using single-use tips with less intervention for special chemistry menu and user-defined assays.


Enhanced chemiluminescence detection technology enables wide dynamic ranges and improves light signal output. Delivers excellent immunoassay sensitivity and precision with fewer unnecessary dilutions, repeats and redraws.


Automatically detects endogenous interferences and identifies sample quality concerns without the need for additional reagents and with no impact on throughput, protecting patients and providing confidence in results with less intervention.


Delivers real-time process monitoring, including sample indices, with fully documented traceability to protect result integrity and minimize workflow disruptions. Provides smooth, effortless and transparent reporting of diagnostic checks throughout sample and assay processing.

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